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Services & Skills

Armored Exteriors Ltd. offer a complete choice of stucco, in both traditional and acrylic finishes, with a full choice of textures and colours.

We pride ourselves on our experience and workmanship. We can give our customers a complete range of options, we run a clean and efficient worksite, and the finished stucco looks impressive and will last for decades.

A durable, high quality product requires thick coats of cement, which take longer to dry. It might take us between one month and six weeks from start to completion to allow each layer to cure. Anyone who says they can do it in less time is rushing the job and will leave you with an inferior finish that will crack and allow moisture access. Any stucco contractor who does not caulk over rods is similarly taking a short cut, or if they are not WorkSafeBC registered they will be passing on the cost of any possible workplace accident on to you.

Our superior service means our stucco will stand true, looking good and keeping your house or business insulated over the decades.

What we do...


Stucco Applications

Stucco lasts as long as the building it is attached to, but can be repaired if it gets damaged. Stucco is a weather resistant exterior coating that allows air infiltration, keeping a house comfortable in hot weather and warm in winter. Similar to concrete, it acts as a barrier to insects and animals that might otherwise chew their way through the wood structure. Additionally, stucco provides a protective layer against rot and fungus. Most stucco has a colour finish applied at the time of application but can be repainted if required..

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Snow Clearance

Snow Clearance. We don’t get much snow in the Lower Mainland, but when it starts falling things grind to a halt! Businesses and employers need to keep parking lots and other outdoor spaces clear for customers and staff, and to prevent costly accidents. We offer contracts to provide salting, ploughing and snow clearance for a variety of organizations through the area. People ask why we offer this service – it’s simple; you cannot apply stucco when the temperature dips close to freezing, and we like to keep busy!

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The secret to our success, as with everything else in life, is to do a thorough job. We work hard, and we work smart – and it shows.