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Don't get caught out in the cold

Armored Exteriors offer a timely and effective salting and snow clearance service to keep parking lots, sidewalks and other public spaces clear and safe.

Although we get less snow in Metro Vancouver than other parts of Canada, we still get caught out by sudden snowfalls every winter. Snow is a hassle for business owners and property managers – it renders outdoor parking lots inoperable, is a barrier for mobility devices like wheelchairs and motorized scooters, is impassible for moms with strollers, but worst of all it’s a slipping hazard. And if injury occurs, building owners could face a costly law suit.

Under Canadian law (The Occupier’s Liability Act) anyone in control of a residential or commercial property has a duty of care to guarantee public safety. The courts have determined this requires proactive steps. Owners and property managers are required by law to take all reasonable measures to remove snow and ice promptly. You cannot wait for snow to melt – you must act!


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Keeping parking lots clear and safe.

We have contracts with long-term clients including: shopping centres, stores, churches and schools. We will also work on a casual, on-call basis for businesses, organizations and individuals.

Our typical contract is to salt when the temperature reaches minus one degree centigrade, and to plough and shovel when there is one inch of snow on the ground. We recommend salting at minus one rather than waiting for the temperature to drop lower, because when it’s colder it takes so much longer to thaw.

However, you do not have to have a contract. Call us and we can work something out.