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Armored Exteriors Ltd.

Armored Exteriors work on residential and commercial properties including detached homes, condos, retail locations and office sites – everything from new construction to renovation/restoration projects.

Formerly trading as Gill & Sons Exterior Textures, Armored Exteriors builds on Gilberto Rodrigues’ decades of craftsmanship. (The name change came about purely because Gilberto’s three sons, all in their twenties, have gone their own ways into new business ventures. It’s still a family business with a reputation for skill and integrity.) Gilberto is an expert. Armored Exteriors can apply any style of stucco you choose, or match your existing stucco for extensions or renos. If you are looking for an experienced, qualified, insured and WorkSafeBC-registered stucco contractor, call Armored Exteriors today!

The photographs used throughout this site show stucco projects completed by Gilberto Rodrigues. Armored Exteriors can replicate any style or technique you see here or elsewhere.

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A durable, long-lasting and low maintenance way of enhancing the look and resale value of a building. Stucco keeps moisture out and provides insulation, keeping your building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.



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We cannot apply stucco when the temperatures plunge, but we can be out there salting, ploughing and shoveling your parking lot and the open spaces around your business or home. We work under contract and on-call.